Lydia SJ Park


Exceptional Korean talent based in Oslo, Park is already getting recognition in Norway and Switzerland. Trained in the USA, South Korea and Europe, Park has developed a unique way of creating ceramic works. Her narrative ceramic sculptures are formed of layers of delicate ceramic pieces. Often, she uses fabric to transfer texture to the paper-thin ceramic slabs before under glazing. Park depicts personal emotion and impression of landscape spontaneously using direct watercolour on ceramic inspired by the ‘Ba-rim’, a Korean painting technique.


"My primary 'accumulating' building technique is mainly used here by layering thin layers of clay. In this background, there was a chance I started to consider the clay's attributes deeply that resemble our human memories. After a long absence as a ceramicist, my concerns were about whether I could remember the way I worked with clay. Surprisingly, the rhythm of the two hands was revived after a few touches. Since then, I memorized every texture on the clay and piled them together to express my appreciation for all the moments and movements I have encountered. In each clay piece, the story of the desire for fleeting existences, such as nature and human emotion is appeared as abstract images."


Selected Public Collection

The KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes, Bergen, Norway

The National Museum of Decorative Arts Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway