Lee Gee-jo Korean, b. 1959


Lee is a modern ceramic sculptor who helped shape the ceramic sculpture movement in South Korea in the 70s and 80s and is known for using traditional Moon Jar material. Also, an antique collector, Lee has a depth of understanding of ancient Korean porcelain and works with a type of authentic clay that was used to create Moon Jars in the 18thcentury. This ancient Korean porcelain clay has a high moisture content that makes it difficult to throw into a large pot and this gave birth to the Moon Jar’s iconic asymmetric form. To embrace this unique material property, Lee constructs his forms using slabs which results in unexpected shapes and forms.


Professor, Dept. Craft, Art College, Chungang University, Korea


Selected Collections
Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA
Jinro Culture Foundation, South Korea
Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, South Korea
Yeoju Ceramic Art Museum, South Korea