SILENT MIND: Galley 3, 4 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JE

14 - 25 September 2022

Exhibition by Lloyd Choi Gallery for London Design Festival 2022 to explore the meditative aesthetic of Korean craftsmanship and how this can help us find tranquillity and consolation in turbulent times.


The exhibition title reflects the calm and mindful status of the craft-artists Lloyd Choi Gallery works with, whose practices are hands-on and materials-led. These Korean artists and makers, working with natural materials, hold a focus on process and understanding the laws of nature – choosing to work with these, rather than against them. Like the unknown Korean potters of ancient times, they pursue an egoless state of mind to create true beauty in their contemporary practice.


SILENT MIND will present meditating artist, Mok-su’s woodwork for the first time outside of South Korea alongside new stunning works by international Korean artists Kwak Hye-young, Kim Hyun-ju and Lee So-ra.