Park Sung-wook South Korean, b. 1972


Park Sung-Wook reinterprets the classic idea of the fine porcelain Moon Jar into coarse stoneware and traditional Korean white slip. The clay liquid travels around the green-grey body of the jars, draping the forms in subtle shades of white. Park uses a traditional kiln to fire the jars, although this brings a higher risk of breaking to the large pots. For ‘Material Dialogue’ Park presents one of his most exquisite White Moon Jars to compliment and contrast his recent ‘Black Moon Jar’. Black Moon Jar presents a more masculine form, glazed with iron and displaying a dark patterning created from the firing process. The exhibition also includes Park’s new works that explore other traditional vase forms finished with mixed media abstract painting alongside his stunning landscapes, created using a ceramic palette formed from deconstructed Moon Jars.