Yusun Won Korean, b. 1997



An award-winning young artist founded her ceramic practice in Cardiff in the UK after her MA and has been developing innovative ways to approach ceramic making. Won explores new forms by reinterpreting Korean historical objects with an unexpected twist that challenges the long history of utilitarian belief in Korean ceramic. The practice is becoming beyond art making and a liberating process to enter the realm of new possibilities.


Born in Jeju island, the southernmost part of Korea, gradually met people with various values, moving to Seoul and the United Kingdom. A series of opening up a space started from observing an 18th-century Joseon Dynasty vessel made by combining two different forms. Looking at the joint, she thought a hidden space would unfold if she opens the enclosed joint. She opens space, dividing a vessel into an inside and outside. She imagines and creates new forms hidden inside. Imagining new shapes, which began with opening up space, made her more interested in shapes than before. One day, she made artwork straight while looking at it by tilting her head. She realized that there is no right direction. Anything could be acceptable depending on the point of view. She, intrigued by the irony, observed vessel forms from different angles and made unbalanced vessels. She expands space by omitting some outside parts to apply the unbalanced shapes to work. The diversity of forms, such as round, sharp, unbalanced, straight, or omitted vessels, began with the expansion of space. Such varied shaped works create stronger synergy by harmonizing with each other.


Selected Awards
The finalist of BADA(British Antique Dealer Association) Art Award 2021, UK
The winner of Cheong-ju International Craft Competition 2019, South Korea