Jeju Island 'POP-UP' ; Material Dialogue: 32 Shindaero, Jeju Island, South Korea

27 February - 15 March 2021

In association with Gallery O-NEUL, a Korean gallery on Jeju island in South Korea to organize a physical presentation for Collect international audience to visit digitally.


Material Dialogue explores the conversations in craft: those between artist and materials, the materials themselves and between tradition and contemporary practice. In the realm of Korean tradition, the mastering of craft techniques is a meditational process that can only be achieved by emptying the conscious mind and understanding the materials' true nature. Just as with the master Korean craftsmen of old, self-isolation is everyday life to the craft artists today. The artists spend hours, days, and months in silence, alone and in dialogue with their materials. In their times of solitude, the artists are guided by the natural properties of the materials, working with and not against them. Like us in our experience the last year, they felt lost at the beginning of the process but found composure within their dialogue with materials.